The People Called Methodists

From its beginnings with John Wesley and the Methodist circuit riders, The United Methodist Church has focused on bringing the Word of God to all of God’s

children. We do this by preaching and studying God’s Word as set forth in the Bible, observing the sacraments, praising God in work and song, living in Christian fellowship, and by reaching out to all persons, no matter their age, gender, race, etc.o.nomic, social or other status.

Aldersgate Church

Aldersgate UMC is a welcoming and inclusive community, inspired to grow with and in God.

In The United Methodist Church, pastors and participants serve as partners in ministry. More than 14 ministry teams and 150 members make up the ministry of this congregation. We encourage you to find a way to participate that suits you. Look for information at the Welcome Center or contact the office for more information.

The average weekly in-person attendance of the church is 95; on-line worship is 47.

We offer an in-person worship that is informal at 10:30 AM. This service is broadcast live and one can access any recorded services on our YouTube channel.

Many activities and events take place each week at the church. You can find more information about these events in the Events tab.

What We Believe

Mission Statement

Welcome home to Aldersgate, a community growing in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit:

Welcoming to all, Gathering in relationship to inspire and nurture a spirit of compassion, and

Serving each other, the community and the world, wherever there is need.


Welcoming Statement

Aldersgate UMC affirms that all are made in the image of God, having sacred worth & dignity. Each person has a unique story, whether it is by circumstance or choice. With many gifts and passions, we come, as we are, to journey together following Jesus Christ.


Open Communion

United Methodists

practice “open communion” where

everyone is welcome to receive.